Tekerz Robotics



Most kit of parts items including some pneumatics and c-channel.


Supplier of BaneBot motors and transmisions.


Pneumatics cylinders and Air tanks.


Specialty Gears,Belts,Pulleys and Sprockets.

Jaguars – Motor controllers

Supplier of 80/20 Stock and minor fasteners.

One stop shop all fastening needs. Stuff you can’t find anywhere else.

cRio and cRio modules (Bring lots of money for modules).

Fine electronics and PWM conectors.

Anderson PowerPole Contants / Housings / Tools.


Victors motor controlers, Specialty IFI Large size wheels and specialty tread, Spike Relays, CIM Motors.

Raw Alluminum, Stock Flatbar, and Plastics.

Bumper Fabrics.

Best Price on all your Bearing Needs