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High Tekerz’s 2016 Space Elevator Race

white centerThe High Tekerz’s 2016 Space Elevator Race is a challenge open to all ages at the White Center Jubilee Days.  In our Space Elevator Race it you must design, build, and compete with a robotic “space elevator” that can climb 20 feet of ribbon cable & carry payload to the top.

A Real Space Elevator can be thought of as a vertical railroad into space.  Reusable elevator cars would travel up and down the Tether and carry cargo and humans to and from space.  Scale-able, inexpensive and reliable access to space could benefit all of humanity and a Space Elevator would provide this capability.  To learn more about space elevators check out our page here.

When, Where, Who, and How?

When: July 16th, 2016

Where: White Center Jubilee Days

Who: Anyone! There are three age brackets: K-8, High school & Adult

How: That’s up to you! There are two classes: “Unlimited” & “Lego”

To Learn More About The Space Elevator Race And To Sign Up Click Here

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