Tekerz Robotics

High Tekerz LEGO Raffle

white centerCome to the High Tekerz’s booth at the White Center Jubilee Days to enter our 2016 LEGO Raffle.  You can win a cool LEGO Education set and other awesome LEGO prizes.  Tickets for the raffle are $1 each but you can get a Free Ticket Right Here!

RobotlogoAlso at the Jubilee Days you can check out our 2016 Space Elevator Race!  In it you must design, build, and compete with a robotic “space elevator” that can climb 20 feet of ribbon cable & carry payload to the top, all autonomously.  To learn more and to sign up click here!  Also, if you want to learn more about robots and space elevators you can go to our Space Race Camp; to learn more about that click here!

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