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HIGH TEKERZ SAY: EVERYTHING I AM I OWE TO FIRST. I am a better me; more confident & articulate. I was a “blank” now I have purpose & a place where I am valued. I now know if I work hard & focus I will excel. I can be an engineer. I can go to MIT. I CAN DO ANYTHING! We have alumni at Stanford & another researching HIV cures.

In our 2015 season the High Tekerz have received a district level Chairman’s Award and Engineering Inspiration Award—two of the most prestigious awards in FIRST robotics. We are now moving on to compete at the regional level and with our high performing robot, the 2nd place finalist at Auburn district event, we are highly likely to go on to compete at World’s in April. This is a GREAT ACHIEVEMENT and also a TREMENDOUS CHALLENGE AND OPPORTUNITY. We cannot do any of this without your support.

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Sponsoring 3574 financially—any amount helps!

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Contribute your time as a volunteer or mentor

Give to support the High Tekerz HERE, please remember to enter “FRC 3574” in the field that asks “Want to support a specific team? Enter Team number here”.

If you want to help us in other ways please email info@FIRST3574.org. Thanks so much for your generous support of our mission.

When matched against the comparison group, FIRST students are: More than twice as likely to volunteer in their communities. 100% of High Tekerz alumni are giving back to the community as coaches, volunteers, mentors and role-models because we believe GIVING BACK benefits both the recipient and the giver.

WHY ALL THIS MATTERS SO MUCH? Educated nations are more likely to enjoy vibrant economies, political stability and a respect for human rights. In today’s economy, graduating from high school college-ready & obtaining a post-secondary degree or credential can mean the difference between a lifetime of poverty & a secure economic future. However, in the United States, just over 69 percent of students—and only about 50 percent of African American, Hispanic and low-income students—graduate from high school on time, many without the skills needed for college or work. Of those students who enroll in college, only about half earn a diploma within six years. For low-income students, the college completion rate drops to 25 percent.

Help us make a difference!