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Dean’s List Finalist Goes to Worlds

Congratulations to Lauren, who will be attending the FIRST World Championship Event in Houston this year!  Lauren, team captain, chairman’s, electrical and CAD/design lead for our team. While only being a sophomore, she has been active on our team for 5 seasons now.  There are few people who can figure out any challenge you throw at them, lead 5+ projects at once, provide guidance to everyone (in and outside of meetings), while still being an outstanding role model between her 4.0 grades, gracious professionalism, and enthusiasm to expand the reach of FIRST.

Lauren became a district-level Dean’s List finalist during the Auburn High School Regional in Week 3.  At the District Championships in Portland, Lauren became one of five students to represent the Pacific Northwest District as a “Dean’s List Finalist”!

You will be able to find Lauren at The Houston World Championship Competition April 18th – April 21st, 2018.

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