Tekerz Robotics

St. Louis World Championship

There is so much to say about our fantastic experience in St. Louis, but just a quick update of the results.  Everyone worked really hard keeping up with the robot, the stats, the pits, and talking to many, many teams, judges and other visitors.  Hollywood (our robot) even helped a student from another team ask a date to prom.  🙂

Hollywood had a really good run, with many high scoring matches.  In the end we ranked 28th out of 76 on our field of Newton.

But even more important is this:

 Team Spirit Award sponsored by Chrysler in the Newton-Hopper Division Winners: Team 3574. the High Tekerz of Burien, Washington.

We won the Team Spirit award for our division, our first National Award from FIRST!!!

Last but not least, a team trip to the City Museum put smiles on EVERYONE’s faces.  Highly recommended.

Thanks so much for all the support, as well as to all the volunteers at the event, it was an amazing experience and everyone had a great time.

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