Tekerz Robotics

Space Elevator Race

What is a Space Elevator?

A Space Elevator (SE) can be thought of as a vertical railroad into space. A cable (Tether) stretches from the ground to a Counterweight about 22,000 miles up into geosynchronous orbit where the end-point would move in sync with the planet’s rotation and stay above the same point on the surface at all times. Reusable elevator cars (Climbers), powered by electricity would travel up and down the Tether and carry cargo and eventually humans to and from space. Scalable, inexpensive and reliable access to space could benefit all of humanity and a Space Elevator would provide this capability.  To learn more about space elevators check out our page here.  There are two space elevator competitions in our area: the ISEC RoboClimb and the High Tekerz Space Elevator Race.  Both competitions follow the same rules and bots made for one can be used in the other.  We encourage all who are interested to attend both competitions.

ISEC RoboClimb 2016

The RoboClimb 2016 is a free event hosted by the Museum of Flight in Seattle.  RoboClimb challenges students to design, build, and program an autonomous robots that simulate a real space elevator.  RoboClimb 2016 is on Saturday, August 20 from 9am-3pm; for more information and to sign up click here!


The High Tekerz’s Space Elevator Race

white centerThe High Tekerz’s 2015 Space Elevator Race is a challenge open to all ages and design preferences at the White Center Jubilee Days. In it you must design, build, and compete with a robotic “space elevator” that can climb 20 feet of ribbon cable & carry payload to the top, all autonomously.

When, Where, Who, and How?

  • When: Saturday July 18th at 1:00 PM
  • Where: Bank of America parking lot: 9616 17th Ave SW
  • Who: Anyone! There are two age brackets: Kids (15 and under), Open (all ages)
  • How: That’s up to you! There are two classes: “(Almost) Anything Goes” & “Lego Only”


The Space Elevator Races, held by the High Tekerz are based on David Schilling’s “original” rule book. David Schilling is the founder of the ISEC Space Elevator Youth Robotics Competition. Read through the rules here.