An example of a robotic climber from our 2013 Space Elevator Race. To learn more about the race refer to the flyers below.

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The Space Elevator Race is a challenge open to all ages and design preferences. In it you must design, build, and compete with a robotic “elevator” built to carry prototype satellites up a 20 foot ribbon Cable autonomously. For more information please check out the link to the rules below.

    Build a bot, and have some fun solving real world challenges!
  • When: July 19-20 2014, 9:00AM - 3:00PM
  • Where: White Center Jubilee Days
  • What: You must build a bot to climb a 20’ length of caution tape & carry payload to the top. Contribute your solutions to solve a real world challenge!
  • How: That’s up to you! There are two classes—“Unlimited” & “Lego”
  • Who: Anyone! There are three age brackets~ K-8, High school & Adult

For more information about our Race please look at this Space Elevator Race Flyer.

For more information on how our Race connects to the real world please look at this Space Elevator Facts Sheet.

If you want to buy a pay-load, (see below,) please contact us at

Satellite design by David Schilling.


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Space Elevator Race Rules - The Space Elevator Races, held by the High Tekerz have rules based on David Schilling's "original" rule book. David Schilling is the founder of the ISEC Space Elevator Youth Robotics Competition.

Q & A:

Q: If your robot picks up and loads satellites without using a dispenser will you still get the 25 point automatic loading bonus?

A: Yes. While using a dispenser may be simpler and lighter for some, picking up satellites without a dispenser is just as impressive.