Wrap-up of 2018 Season with a picture, (A.G.)

Lauren going to Worlds.

Collapse Events into Schedule.

Put Space Elevator under resources.  Put with paragraph about our history of space elevator.

Pit Book Sections

Lights, Camera, Action = Media

I AM FIRST = About Us:  FIRST, 4-H, Business Plan, Impact Essays

Short blurb on homepage on what FRC 3574.

Put Sponsors into Our Partners category.  (“Community”)  Projects

Gracious Professionalism Page:  Who we’ve partnered with.

Inspiration – books, movies, and songs about robots, youtube theme channel

Update Parts/Sourcing (Mentor David) – Automation Direct, resizing names and putting in thumb-nail table

US FIRST page – change logo size, add some links on impact of FIRST.

Post:  Fix-it events (add pictures)

Post:  ReJoyce Academy