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Join the High Tekerz for our Summer Camps

Check back for this summer’s camps.

Past Camps:

Sumo Bots

RobotlogoOn July 5th-8th kids 8 through 14 will learn how to design, construct, and program LEGO Mindstorm robots.  Then on the last day the kids will show off their new skills in an all out SumoBot competition against other camp teams!

The camp includes hours of fun and a Certificate of Completion along with snacks and drinks.  In addition, kids will have an opportunity to drive a full scale, 110 pound FRC robot!Sumobot


Space Elevator Summer Camp

Over a period of five days, kids ages 10 to 16 will build and program LEGO Mindstorm robots.  Their robot will climb up a 20 foot ribbon and  attach “satellite” weights at the top of the climb.  On competition day (July 16th, 2016) the kids will show off their robots and compete with them at the annual White Center Jubilee Days.

This challenge is based off a real world problem, that if solved, will reduced price of shipping cargo into space by 100th or even 1,000th of current costs today.

Students that attend camp will not just learn about robots and space elevators, but they will learn team building, leadership, working together, and have fun!


4H-clover-colorAttending our camp fundraiser helps support our team, 3574  the High Tekerz from Burien WA in their next build season. This is our fifth year bringing high school FIRST robotics to our community.  To learn more about our team Click Here!  In addition, we would like to thank our local King County 4-H extension for loaning the kits we use in our camps! You can find out more information about 4-H by Clicking Here.

For more information or to sign up, email: roboticscamps@first3574.org