Tekerz Robotics

Auburn District Engineering Inspiration Award Recipients

This update will look and sound much like the one I sent 2 weeks ago.  Well… that is because we were highly successful at Auburn as well.

We had a very satisfying event this weekend in which the team performed fantastically in many areas.

We won the Auburn District Engineering Inspiration award which also guarantees our invitation to the PNW District Championship.  Another fantastic achievement and congrats to the team.

In addition, our Robot play earned us 4th place in the semifinal qualification rounds and 2nd place overall in final alliance ranking after the Playoffs.  This is the highest placement the Tekerz have placed in any FRC season event and tops our best achievement that came at Wilsonville two weeks ago!  This play earned us 53 District points and with 8 for the Engineering Inspiration, we have now have 114 total District Points.

The High Tekerz are 9th in the District Championship ranking.

This means we qualified in ALL 3 potential ways to move on to Regionals.

What are the numbers vs. last time?

There were 154 alliance scores for this event (60×2 qualification matches and 17×2 playoffs).

We played in 20 matches (12 qualifications and 8 total playoff matches).

I looked at the top 26 scores for the event.  Why 26?  Well, the 26th was 99 points.  2 weeks ago, we scored 102 and then 98 as our top 2 scores.

  • This weekend, we had 10 of the top 26 high scores. 1/2 of our matches were in the top 26.
  • We had the 2nd highest score of the weekend with 139 points.  BTW, this was done during qualifications with our eventual playoff alliance partner (4469).
  • We had 2 of the top 10 scores with #7 at 122 points during a semi-finals match.
  • We then had 5 of the #11-20 top scores.  105, 108, 111, 113, & 118

6 of our top 10 scores came during the Playoffs with 3 of them in the Finals.

Did we get better as the tournament went on?

  • Our 1st 3 match scores averaged 45 points with our lowest of the weekend at 23.
  • Our next 4 match scores average 65.75 points with our 2nd lowest at 30.
  • Our last 5 qualifications scores average 97.4.
  • Quarter Finals (2 games) averaged 87.5 points.
  • Semi Finals (3 games) averaged 104.333 points.
  • Finals (3 games) averaged 106.666 points.

Our Finals totals vs. our opponents were 320 vs 342.  A very close and very exciting set of matches.

We definitely got better even with several incidents during the playoffs.  The Drive team powered through.  It should be a fun at the Regional!!


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